Review of The Book That Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi

In this book, published in 2011, Vishal Mangalwadi has engaged upon a voyage into the history of both the Western and Eastern lands. The book mentioned in the title is The Bible and the arguments he puts across are aimed at the hypothesis that The Bible has had the greatest influence in the difference between Western civilization and Eastern culture. Focusing mainly on England and India he takes examples from his own life and, also, from the past of both nations before and after India’s colonisation by The British Empire.

Of particular interest, personally, he talks of the birth of science. This sheds a great light upon the founding fathers of our modern knowledge who took the subject leaping forward into the public mindset and out of the background of intelligent men’s hobbies and magical myths. He also covers topics ranging from the wealth gap in societies, education (mainly universities), the Prophet Mohammed, philosophical thinkers in different countries, morality in society, how family is seen in both cultures, and government figures in England and India.

At the conclusion of this, his 13th book authored alone, he considers how the future of the West is shaping up. It is this part of the book that I think shall most challenge anyone who is not a believer of The Bible, but, nevertheless, it is still a most valuable book to have read if you want to see another side of history of all our nations.

Written in a way that is easily followed, each section has it’s designated area which is laid out neatly and coherently. I would only advise that you acknowledge the extent and the depth of information that is prepared before you in this large volume. I am thankful, but also saddened, that this is not a one-of-two (or three) series.