Review of The Rust Bucket Chronicles by Ted Blasche

It steps up to the plate in a simple fashion, but starts it’s batting round fantastically with a smartly-paced piece of action. As this is coming to a grand crescendo we are halted quite violently. It was a dream sequence. At best a flashback. Once he comes to we also have awoken to a new world, but in the sense of the viewpoint used. It’s changed, because the author wants to separate his dreams/memories from the present. I don’t see the necessity of this as it is achieved through telling us he was asleep and that he has now woken up. I’m not sure of the need to sow confusion among readers.

He had a good run of information and action going on, but he killed it all off. I was genuinely interested as to whether or not our hero would escape the evil he faced, save his mother, etc. Now I have no idea what’s real and if I’ll ever find out what happened. All that I knew of the story has been wiped clean and it’s as if I’m reading another book.  I feel like I’ve wasted my time reading it, even though it was such a drawing passage. In the subsequent chapters you will find similar instances of good writing, but it is marred by mistakes and confusing lines, which – like splattered paint – are inconsistent yet ever present.

Overall it is a book written by a creative author who has harnessed both action and comedy to create a well-balanced novel containing characters with good depth to them. There are neat twists throughout the story: sudden betrayals, surprises, deaths, escapes. It is not simply a boy-meets-girl with some sci-fi and fantasy thrown in; there is more to it than that. A good read that simply needs an elbow-greased polish to finish it off.


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